Severna Park Middle continues to work very hard to ensure a safe school environment that is free from disruptions and distractions.  It is the responsibility of each of us Рparents, students, and staff members Рto create a secure learning environment for all students.

Following are what we do to ensure student safety:

* Maintaining an eight  member School Safety Team to assess our strengths, identify areas of safety that need to be improved, and implement a plan to strengthen our safety
* Keeping all outside doors locked during school hours
* Requiring identification of adults picking up children during school hours to be scanned by the Raptor System, a visitor tracking system.
* Having a supervised, designated parent drop off and pick up area in the two loops, away from the bus traffic
* Maintaining a Volunteer Greeting table in the office to sign in visitors and to collect items dropped off for students
* Requiring all visitors to sign in and out
* Requiring staff members, substitute teachers, and all visitors to display appropriate identification badges
* Having walkie-talkies throughout the building for regular and emergency communications
* Communicating to all staff written emergency and crisis plans
* Communicating clear expectations for appropriate school bus behavior
* Sharing expectations for prompt and consistent attendance
* Enforcing zero tolerance for drugs and weapons
* Enforcing an appropriate dress code that limits distractions and supports a positive learning environment
* Responding immediately to all tips of inappropriate behavior and involving students in immediate interventions (Anger Management, Peer Relations, Conflict Resolution, etc.) as deemed appropriate.

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