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2016-17 Activity Bus Calendar



  • Please make students aware of the following:

  • Activity Buses do not run the exact routes  that the regular buses run.  

  • Stops are spread out throughout the  communities. Some may have the same stops but others stops may be  further away from the regular route. 

  • Some Activity Buses are split between  communities.  Please have students check to be sure they are on the  appropriate bus for their community.

  • Students should make the driver aware of the  the bus  community they reside in when getting on.



P R O C E D U R E  F O R  C A R S  O N  S C H O O L  P R O P E R T Y

Parents who bring children to school and/or who pick children up at the end of the school day are to follow these procedures to ensure the safety of all. Please reference the diagram on the following page as you read through these directions. Please note: The most efficient method of student transportation is the school bus.

1. All drivers are expected to obey all signs and all adults providing directions.

2. The new parking lots were designed so that students never have to walk on asphalt in order to enter the building. The massive concreted sidewalk area surrounds all parking lots so that students will always be safe from traffic. There are now two entrances – one from Jumpers Hole Road and another one from Lynwood Road.

a. Before school: Parents are to enter either entrance and pull up to the designated drop off area of each loop. Students are to quickly exit the car on the passenger side and follow the sidewalk to the school. Drivers are to follow the car in front to exit the school property. CARS ARE NEVER TO PASS OTHER CARS NOR BACK UP. The drop off areas run very systematically, and all drivers are expected to follow the guidelines.

b. After school: Walkers and any students riding in a car must stay in last period until 2:50 pm when they will be dismissed. Parents picking up children after school are to use either the Jumpers Hole Road entrance or the Lynwood Road entrance. Cars are to stay in line and keep moving forward until there is a safe location to pick up the student. Once the student is picked up, the driver may pull out and carefully pass the parked cars. The pick up areas run very systematically, and all drivers are expected to follow the guidelines.

c. After school activities: The same procedures for after school apply; however, the volume of cars is usually much greater so be prepared to wait in line. Parents picking up students after school are to use either the Jumpers Hole Road entrance or the Lynwood Road entrance. Students must stay on the sidewalk area and wait until the car is close enough to enter. Students are not to be picked up in any other area. If you need your student prior to dismissal, you must come into the main office to sign them out and to have them called out of their activity.

3. The bus lot is for buses only from 7:30 – 8:00 and 2:00 – 3:00. Cars are permitted to park there between 8:00 and 2:00. Visitor parking at any other time is along the Jumpers Hole Road entrance in the perpendicular slots to the left.

4. Parents bringing students to school after 8:00 or picking up for early dismissal before 2:00 are to enter from Jumpers Hole Road and are to park on the bus parking lot. Entry to the building will require visitors to be buzzed in using the MAIN ENTRANCE door, and parents may sign students in or out with the attendance secretary in the main office. All other doors will be locked for security.

5. Staff parking lot is for staff only. Students are not to be dropped off or picked up in this area. Towing will be enforced.

These procedures are extremely effective in maintaining a safe outdoor environment for all of our students. We thank all parents for reading and adhering to the procedures.





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