Incoming 6th graders – Jitters and orientation dates

see attached flyer  –  2017 Jitters Flyer

Incoming 9th Grade Orientation this summer at the SPHS

Tuesday, August 1st – 9-11 am

Wednesday, August 9th – 1-3 pm

Thursday, August 17th – 9-11 am


Counseling Center

The Counseling Office is staffed by four counselors and a school psychologist.


The mission of the Severna Park Middle School Counseling Department is to provide counseling and consultation services in order to empower students as they develop and implement life skills that demonstrate resiliency, independent problem solving and self-advocacy. These essential skills allow students to effectively participate in the leading authentic and contributing lives as they transition through middle school into high school and beyond.

Services offered by Counselors include the following:

  1. Academic advising, i.e., choosing appropriate classes during the articulation process
  2. Requisite learning issues, i.e., organization, time management, test taking and study skills
  3. Social issues, i.e., making friends, peer conflicts, and bullying
  4. Classroom expectations, i.e, appropriate behavior, conflict resolution, low grades and attendance issues.
  5. Personal difficulties, i.e, coping with divorce, drug and alcohol, self-harm, suicide ideation, eating disorders, generalized anxiety and depression
  6. Whole group classroom lessons – academic goal setting, college and career, cyber-bullying, conflict resolution, transition to high school and course selection, and accessing resources
  7. Collaboration with teachers through student advisory (SUMMIT), 504 process, IDT (Interdisciplinary Teams) and professional development.
  8. Services to parents and the community
  1. Case manager for students who have 504 plans
  2. Disseminating information on a variety of programs offered through Anne Arundel County – advanced study program, magnet programs, Center of Applied Technology South, Naval Academy, and Maryland Hall
  3. Organizing parent presentations – Jitters for incoming 6th grade students and parents, Study Smarter Not Harder, How to talk to Teenagers, Riding the Roller Coaster, Parent Information nights at the elementary schools, Open House for incoming 6th grade; NJHS induction program, Presidential Award night for 8th graders, You Are Not Alone and Not My Child.
  4. Individual parent conferences for struggling students. Counselors are available by phone or by email to address any questions or concerns.
  5. Maintaining a Counseling Department Advisory Council made up of representatives of faculty, students, parents, and community partners.


School Psychologist:

Our counseling staff also works closely with our School Psychologist, Dr. Prince.  She is assigned to our school five days a week; for the 16-17school  year.  Dr. Prince works with students, faculty, and parents, to collaboratively maximize learning potential.   She consults with teachers, administrators, and counselors to develop positive learning experiences  for all students. For further information on school based psychological service, please visit,

For further information and additional programs, please explore,

Parents who may have questions or concerns should contact the counseling office at 410-647-7900.


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