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Board policies and regulations govern the use and proper care of all school property and the consequences of defacing or destroying school property.    According to Administrative Regulation 607:

The fee for lost textbooks will be computed as follows:

  •  §   100% of value for books up to three years old§  50% of value for books three to six years old §  25% of value for books over six years old   Textbooks will be prorated based on the date the text is added to the system.o   The fee for lost or damaged textbooks will be assessed at the replacement value according to the textbook accounting system that is updated on an annual basis.o   Lost book consumables will be charged a flat rate of $10.00.  Lost non-book consumables will be charged a flat rate of $5.00o   The fee for lost equipment will be assessed at the fair market value of the item as determined by the purchasing department.  The fee for damaged equipment will be assessed at the actual cost of repairing the item.If the financial obligation is not satisfied, the principal may withhold report cards and transcripts or exclude student from club and/or extra curricular activities. 










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