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 Mrs. Adams
              Mrs. Alcombright 
         Mr. Alcombright
 Ms. Able
Mr. Anoff
              Mrs. Austin
 Ms. Andrione

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Mrs. Bean  (speech)
         Mrs. Beard 
                      Mrs. Beyer
 Ms. Butcher            Mrs.bollino
                      Mrs. Brennan
 Mrs. Burns
 Ms. Beery

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Mrs. Campbell  
       Mrs. Carassanesi 
 Mrs. Carty
 Mrs. Carbone-Clanton
       Mrs. Chew
 Mrs. Chinea
       Mrs. Clements
       Mrs. Cochran-School Nurse
 Mrs. Conrad
       Mrs. Currier 
     Cafeteria Manager

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Mrs. Davis
                     Mrs. DeLaet
                       Mrs. Delph
                     Mrs. Dunphy

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 Mrs. Edelen
          Mrs. Engstrom
                  Mrs. Evans

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Mrs. Federroll 
                    Ms. Fenn
                          Dr. Ferch
Ms. Fisher
Ms. Foss
Mrs. Fowler
 Mrs. Furman

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 Mrs. Gilles


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Ms. Hansen  
Ms. Hartman
Mrs. Havens
             Mrs. Henry
 Ms. Hartman
             Ms. Hughes
 Ms. Haynie

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Mrs. Jaen
                         Mrs. Jenkins
                 Mr. Joyce
 Mrs. Jurczak

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 Mrs. Kintzley  
              Mrs. Knopf
                    Mrs. Kouyeas

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Mrs. Lane
                 Mrs. Lawrence
               Mr. Lentz 
 Mrs. LaVelle
                 Mrs. Littlejohn 

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 Mrs. Malone
             Ms. Marlow
                         Mrs. McCormick-Goodhart
 Mr. Morris
Mr. McPhail
                        Mr. McTammany
   Mrs. Metcalfe
             Mrs. Miller
                         Mr. Montagnino
 Mrs. Moundalexis
 Ms. McAninch Ms. McGowan


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Mrs. Newton
        Mr. Norris
   Mr. Morris

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Mr. Oducayen         

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Ms. Peterson
Mr. Philip
Ms. Powell 
Mr. Prendergast
Dr. Prince

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Mrs. Rabaglia 
      Mrs. Renn 
Mrs. Rosenbloom
 Mrs. Ross
 Mrs. Reynolds

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 Ms. J. Smith
Mrs. Schachter
Mrs. Schaefer
Mrs. Schauppner
Mr. Schieman
 Mr. Sears
 Ms. Sheehan
Mrs. Shelleman
 Mrs. Shreve
Mrs. Simonds
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Sparby
Ms. Spegel
 Mr. Smythe

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Mrs. Tedeschi
   Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Torelli
Mrs. Truffer

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Mrs. Vain-Callahan
     Mrs. van den Berg
                Mrs. Voyer 

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Ms. A. Wagner
Mrs. D. Wagner   
Mrs. Ward 
 Mr. Weimer
Mrs. White
 Ms. Werre
 Mrs. Wishart
 Mrs. Waters

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          Mrs. Zhou
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